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Saturday, 3 September 2011

U Hoo Hoo

Whaddup A ? hikhik . harini I pergi Muzium Perak you alls . HAHAHA *selok* buat macam tak pernah masuk muzium pulak . but the best part was when we saw ULAR SAWA there . IT WAS SO BIG :O i was like 0.0 awesome ! okay . esok Ahad . that's mean Isnin dah sekolah . tsk tsk T.T taknak taknak taknak ! don't to go to school . me want to stay at home doing nothing :B hehe . not gonna be happen though . *sigh . okayyy . so tata for now . adios .

yooo , check this ouut !

got this or not in Malaysia ? if yes , me so gonna buy this ! :3