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Friday, 23 December 2011

you're always in my mind .

well . Hello everyone :) It's been awhile kan since my last entry ? how ya doing ? I'm fine here . As you all know , yesterday Form 3 students got their result already . Congrats to those who got straight's A and to those who got 'cukupcukupmakan' this is what I wanna tell you . WAKE UP ! This is just P M R . SPM is the real thing , without it you're screw ! so please , just 'watlek watpeace' . I used to be like you guys , down all the time because of my results . damn , I kept thinking that 'why I can't be like them who got an awesome result?' but then the seniors said 'heyy , cheer up ! you still have SPM . PMR is nothing compare to SPM . so focus on your SPM' so yeahhh I took the advice . But yeahhh I'm so jealous watching the juniors got an awesome result . I wanna be like them too . ya Allah , Form 5 result will come out on March . pray for me too guys :')

I would like to dedicate this song to you ,
 I want you to know that -> Yes, I may meet a million hot boys
                                           That know my name
                                           But don't you worry, no
                                           'Cause you have my heart

Boy, I'll be thinking about you worldwide, worldwide, worldwide