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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It's War

Heyyo ! It's still not too late kan if I wanna say Happy CNY to all of you guys . hehe . Nowadays , taktahu kenapa tapi dah start malas update blog . aigoooo can't ah liddis . Must.Update.Often. so how are you guys doing ? I'm doing great here . Ouhhhh starting to miss my classmates like crazy T.T when can we meet again ? haihhh I miss those crazy jokes , the way we teased the teachers , the way we backed up each others if something occurs and many many more *le sigh

This time , It's about you . Why you keep popping up in my mind lately ? haiyaaaaaaaa . I'm trying not to care anymore about you after you LIED to me . Gosh ! You're driving me crazy ahhh boy , damnit . Must.Not.Talk.To.You.AGAIN. but yeahhh , can't resist you ler . I don't know why I'm being so weak liddis . Duhhhh .

Eh , check out Teen Top's new Mv . Auwwwww Ricky <3