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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Moshi Moshi.

Oh my precious Seyong ^3^

Hi! How you guys been doing ? Me doing good good beybehhh! Tick tock tick tock , the clock is ticking and I'm here at home doing nothing . Isn't that great ? -___- NO! 22 March please don't come faster...I'm not ready yet to face my result .__________. Ya Allah! May me hard worked pay off . Amin . Taktahu kenapa , sekarang ni mood fan-girl-ing makin menjadi jadi . HAHA . Screw you cute handsome pretty Koreans ;p I envy their flawless skin and their fair skin :{ When can I get a flawless skin like them ? -> In my dream! Yes!! HAHA . so I'm off to Youtube . Byebye for now !