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Monday, 6 February 2012

Warrior .

Hey yo people *doing the hiphop thingy* . Alhamdulillah , ady moving in into the new house . although it's not as big as our own house but still , as long as we have a HOUSE to stay in I don't care either it's big or small . *mukasuci.jpg* HAHA . and for the first time ever , we're staying in a house that got no STAIRS . pheww . it's my dream to stay in a house like that . why ? Because i'm to lazy to run like a maniac everytime I left my phone or thing upstairs and i've to run for it . LOL no more this time man , no more ! *victorydance*  I'm gonna share the room with my two lil bros . I know it sounds crazy but nahhhh it's a good thing tho . I don't want to share my room with Alyaa *grins . MUAHAHAHHA . Jangan marah nohhhhhhh . Okay . Done with the new house what-so-ever .

Eh guys , I found a new 'tangkap leleh' song . HIKHIKHIK . It's called Don't Forget Me by Huh Gak . OMG ! I'm so in love with this song :') Try to listen to it guys .

Seriously , his voice is so d^.^b . Huh Gak forever! LOL