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Friday, 30 March 2012

Let's Fly High

Hey . What's up people ? Okayyyyyyyyyy let's fly high? Yeap! Let's fly high and touch the sky :} Yeahh tadi my relatives came over and talked about which U should I take . gahhhh , it's not that I hate it but I already made up my mind . I'm going to what my abah has chose . Is that hard to understand ? She also said I can do it with my cousin -.- Hell no! He's so annoying . He's keep getting on my nerves and tell me how am I suppose to react if he do something that I hate ? -__-' and one more , I already did the UPU thingy ages ago LOL he's the one that so lazyass to do it back then HAHA . so yeahh bro , do it by yourself . I'm not going to do it with you :)

Sooooooooooooooooo , my fangirl mode is actually 24/7 on lately . LOL thanks to my Broadband for being nice , I can watch the latest episode of Variety Shows at Kshownow :P ngeh ngeh . so I'm going to crash my tumblr :P It has been ages since I last re-blog photos there . Byebyebyeeeeeee .

oh! I love this! ALi eonnie , I'm your new fan <3 hehe