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Sunday, 15 April 2012


Boyfriend? Wohoooooo~ what a title . You wanna see who he is? Okay wait , I'm gonna put up his picture in here . Wait for it.................

Here you go . Meet my boyfriend , Lee Hyunwoo . LOL . Okay I'm just kidding . But , if there's a guy who looks like him . I'm surely deadly in love with him . Love his eyes , his lips and his smile *melts* Okay enough bout him , I'm going to write what I've done today .

So yeah , this morning I went to TSDC and had to bare about 5 hours in the cold air cond . God! It started at 9.20 am and end at 2.50 pm . I feel like sleeping whenever I looked at how slow the time is moving . Why? Because I had to go to the agent place at 6.25 am , and waited about half and hour for the van to come . I hate un-punctual people! Seriously! It's annoys me so much , the fact that I lost my voice is so -.-' I can't talk freely to others because it was barely came out and the 'best' thing was the lecturer always pointed out to me . Hello sir , there were about 50 people in the class . Why me ? Pssffftthhhh . Thank God , it was only the easy quests that he asked Zzzzzz and during the class , my head was aching so badly and I do feel like crying because my fever didn't fully recover yet ... haihhh .

As I was watching tv just now , I watched Kpop Inkigayo for a while and CNBLUE was singing their comeback songs . Woooohhhhh! In love with Hey You! wanna listen to it too ? Here you go ...

Yeah , that's all for now . Byebye