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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Unforgettable Moment.

I will always remark yesterday , 6/7/2012 as the awesome-est day I ever had! Its began with just only an opinion then grew bigger and succeed! We went through a lot because of this event . We argued , talk back , dealing with people cancelling their name , didn't have enough money to pay for the foods and such but wait , we succeed guys! Even though it started late than we planned but hey , everything went well right? Alhamdulillah :') Yes , we had the busiest day yesterday . We had to rush up a bit to make this planned work smoothly and more . It ain't a waste . Pheww . Seriously , I will always cherish this moment in my life . Guys who worked hard yesterday , Aiman Shah , Nasuha , Afiqah , Edzad , Yusri, Kak Amy , Riza , Syahar and Azman . We did it guys! Hoorayy! Forever will remember yesterday's event . Good job to all of us!

Dedicated this song to you guys :

and to all of you guys who've joined the event , thank you very much! You guys were awesome too :)Y . All of you weren't whining even when the chicken at first were supposed to eat at 8 , but it was done at almost 10 . We appreciated your patience . Oh! We're sorry if you guys didn't get the Coleslaw , Fries or Whatever foods were there yesterday . Our big apologies to all of you . But but , the chicken were great aite? Hihihi . 

One more thing , I've never seen such a sporting people like yesterday when we played all the games while waiting for the foods to be done ! Weeeeeeeee you guys were great! *clap clap* 

So that's it , once again thank you to all of you guys! Thanks for reading ;)