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Saturday, 31 March 2012


Yes . I'm so frustrated right now. The person who I thought already accepted me for who I am insulted me . Cool huh ? Gosh , why you have to listen to that brat when you're also didn't know much about the course that I'm about to take -.- seriously , it hurts like hell when you said "macam pandai sangat , tengok result awak tu" okay seriously? do you have to say that in front of others? DO YOU?! Feel like killing myself after I heard it . Actlly , you're the one who made me like that . Arguing when I'm having the BIG exam . and now you said it was my fault? Oh you gotta be kidding . Did he ever entered the college that I've chose? I don't think so , please think before you spilled it out . Please don't force me to take the courses , I hate it . Why everyone loves to make fun of me ? why?! I need my bestfriends right now but they're too busy to listen to my heartbreaking story :( I'm all alone now . so yeahh . I need to rest my mind a bit before I do something stupid /:

I will keeping on running til I get what I want - Farah Adlina