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Friday, 6 April 2012

Day Out

Hello Hi Hoyyy! I'm in a very good mood right now . LOL . Yeah yesterday went out with my two bestfriends . Oh yes , we had fun . First , I went to Eman's because my mom was busy whole day long and my mom sent me to her house because Izzati didn't pick up her phone when I called . Cehh . HAHA and after had breakfast with my mom , she sent me there at Eman's . And then at 11 , we went to SMK Pauh Jaya to meet Cikgu Kamariana for a while . After that , we're off to 7E with her sister who drove the car . Hehe . Returned back home , ate lunch and watched Running Man but I fall asleep LOL I'm so tired because I only had 2 hours of sleeping back home Kekekeke . Izzati pick me up with her mom and then we're off to Jusco . Eman oso came with her mom and her sister :} yeay-ersss! Had Johnny's yummmm! me likey ;) Then we walked around and slowly of course because Eman's leg didn't fully recover yet . Poor her . Get well soon Eman <3

At 8 , went to Seberang Jaya because Izzati's mom going to meet someone . Then she drove to AutoCity . Wohoooooo! Izzati bought something and she also bought one for me . ouhh yes , me loves you :) Spent pne night at Izzati's and now I'm at my mom's office . Using her computer to fangirl :P LOL . so yeah now , Fangirl mode is on . So byebye . Write again later . Adios .