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Thursday, 12 April 2012

PrayForAcheh . PrayForWorld.

Hah! As you all knew , something happened today . Yes, an earthquake! Read this for more info :

A 8.7 magnitude on the Richter scale earthquake recorded off the west coast of Aceh on Wednesday evening triggered a tsunami alert for surrounding areas including Malaysia. This was lifted later in the night.
The earthquake, which occurred at around 4.39pm (0839 GMT) local time today, did generate waves measuring between 15cm to 106cm that hit coastal areas in Sumatra.
At 7.20pm local time, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre recorded tsunami wave activity along coastal areas of Aceh.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had earlier estimated that tsunami waves would arrive in Georgetown, Penang and Port Dickson at 1311 GMT and 1743GMT (9.11pm tonight and 1.43am tomorrow local time).
However, this warning was later lifted by the centre which stated that the tsunami threat had diminished in most areas.
The US Geological Survey reported that the quake was centred 33km beneath the ocean floor, around 495km from the provincial capital of Banda Aceh.
Tremors were felt in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and surrounding areas at around 4.45pm, lasting about five minutes.
Malaysian Meteorological Department Geophysical and Tsunami Division head Dr Rosaidi Che Abas said an alert has been issued to people in Penang, Perlis, Perak and Kedah to stay away from beaches.
"We will continue to monitor closely the movement of the tsunami, if any, and if necessary, we will issue an evacuation warning," he said when contacted.
Meteorological Department director general Dr Yap Kok Seng when contacted said that the department hasd yet to detect any tsunamis headed towards Malaysian shores.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre warns that danger to boats and coastal structures can continue for several hours due to rapid currents.
However, if no major waves have hit for at least two hours after the estimated arrival time, local authorities can assume the threat has passed. - by The Sun Daily .

Eventhough Its happened at Acheh , Us , Malaysian also can feel the earthquakes . Almost everybody were panicked because no one can predict what might happens to us Malaysian . Hoping for all people around the world pray for Acheh too . At least this is how we can show some respect to those who has lost their family , friends and someone they loved during the earthquakes . Al Fatihah .

Who said Kpop artist only knows how to dance , sing etc ? They're also have humanity! Get your act right people and start praying!