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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Still Alive .

I'm still alive people! Hahaha . It's been a while since I last wrote in here . No , I'm not that busy YET . It was because I felt so lazy to type things that happened in the past few weeks here . Why? I'm afraid I'll end up bad mouthing the other friend that always giving me headache . Uhu. I don't know why , everytime she came close to me or say something . I feel like I have to avoid her or stay far away from her . Blerghh . So mean lah you farah -__- Please change your attitude a.s.a.p! *note to self* Okay . I'm now at Semanggol , Perak . Will be going back to Ipoh at 4 pm , I guess . That's what my father said yesterday..... I'm so excited to go back to my apartment because I wanna meet my crush. Woowooooo! Crush? Who is it? Na ahh. Not going to tell . Hahaha . *ayat mintak kaki* So that's it for now . Byebye .