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Monday, 12 November 2012

Lost in the echo.

Hello fellas. Nowadays, I don't have the 'feel' to right a new post. I don't know what to write actually and yes...............L A Z Y. So, here I am now. Let's write.

Firstly, us, the UITM's students already got our final result on 9Nov. And, guess what? I've got an awesome result ever! Ya Allah, I'm so grateful. It's the best result ever. I decided to stay at ITP and chose Dipl. in Tourism Management for next semester. All hail Tourism~ LOL. As I expected, my dad scolded me for choosing Tourism. Why? Because I've got the offered to enter UITM campus just before I end up at Institut Teknologi Perak for my pra-dipl but I rejected the offer. Yes, I felt dumb and blerghh. But, I've no regret because through pre-dipl ,I've met my awesome friends and I don't wanna lose them now. I will make sure I will soar high and be the best among the best to further my study to overseas. Amin.

My fan-girl mode is ON all the time during this hols. LOL. Hot-Cute boys, y u guys exist? *.* Just stay there and be hot all the time okay? Been fangirl-ing over Luhan, Louis, Kai and many moreeeeeeeeeee. God! Farah, stop being crazy over celebrities and start searching for your real boyfriend! LOL. If you guys haven't check out Luhan , Henry, Taemin, Kai, Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon - Maxstep MV , I suggest you to watch it now. I'm so in love with the song, the music video and of course, there're my biases in the MV. Hehehehe

New song from Boyfriend, been replaying this song for several times and can't get enough of it~ Weeee. Hope you guys enjoy//pyong.