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Saturday, 16 August 2014


Yes, I'm tired. Tired of people's bullshits, dramas, being backstabbed, being hurt, being good & tired of everything to be exact. What kind of friend would let their friends getting into trouble without even bother to ask "are u ok?" to them? Are you even have a heart? When your "friend" wanted your help, you would willingly help without asking for something in return. But, as for them. If yourself, the one wanted to ask for help, they could simply ignored you. Letting you face it alone and some people would just laugh seeing us struggling. I'm so tired of being nice, I've changed into someone else and I acknowledged that. No need to tell me that I've changed. I've changed because of my past and people around me. They always thought that I would go with their flows, talking to me like I've no heart feelings, ordering me around like FUCKOFF! Who the hell are you to tell me what to do, shitheads? Damn. I'm so done with this kind of people. I will never let anybody ordering me around anymore. No, not for a second change.