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Friday, 27 April 2012


Nowadays , I feel like people around me are trying to test my patience . Seriously , my patience has limits too you know? Don't make me says something harsh towards you first then you're going to stop making fun of me jerks! I've been holding back my anger since then but now , I'm not going to hold it again! I'm going to let it all out and beware , I'm not the type who can control my anger easily if I'm piss at someone. Seriously , do you think it's cool to say like that to me huh dude? Don't make me mention your name here or you're going to regret it later . I've blocked you and I don't care what are you going to say after this about me . I WON'T! My patience has reached the limit already . Thanks to you again. Sometimes , I feel like punching your damn face man because of your words. I think I've my the right decision to not to be friend with you again .