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Monday, 30 April 2012

Soar High!

Hello! Hoyy-olla People :D I got so many stories to tell you guys . Mihihi :} Okay firstly , I would to say Congratulations to my cousin who's been engaged yesterday . Weeeeeeeeee~ They're going to get marry next year . I'm happy for you cous :) I think people are already noticing me getting chubbier than before . Demmit! Hafiz told me that I look round-er than last year. HAHAHA shut up you! Mission for now : Reduce weight before get in into the college . Lol can I? I hope so...... 

So yeah , got the confirmation letter already telling that I got the offered . Yes Yes Yes *happy dancing* I didn't rely much on my UPU because.......hm not gonna tell!//pyong . Hihi . I got ady my L licence and looking forward to my P and have my own car . Yihaaaaaa~ 

Btw , have you guys watch the last episode of Mblaq's Hello Baby? I watched it yesterday and cried so hard while watching it . Why it has to be so sad ? Tsk tsk . If you haven't watch it , I command you to watch it NOW! Lol . So that's it for today , byebye! :)