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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Rise Up.

Whaddup \^o^/ People , I only got 4 days left to enter my new life. Aha . Yeap , 28th of May I'm gonna be a college student. Wahh what a life. Time flies so fast , isn't it? Can't believe I'm going to stay afar from my family. I've never stay afar from home ever. Except when I joined the school trip :P Okay . I'm seriously concerned about my new life . How is it going to be? I haven't pack my things yet. Aha too lazy to do that . I will start pack my things up by tomorrow maybe XD Ahhh this doesn't feel real . Me? Going to college? Hahaha funny right? I hope everything gonna be alright :) Pray for me too guys! <(^-^)/  So that's it for today , I have things to do . Byebye .

p/s : How's my new layout? Cool? Hehehe .