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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Satissfied .

From left : Irsarani , Aina & the awesome one , Me :P

Weeeeeeeeeeee today I went to Seberang Prai to meet up with my awesome friends . Reached there too early and had to be alone for a while because my friend , Aina was still asleep and I had nowhere to go . Aha so bout 8.40+ maybe , she texted saying that she just woke up and her phone was on silent mode . LOL nevermind then . I asked her to accompany me to go to our 'old' school :P Yes! Smk Pauh Jaya . We went there and yeah they held an event for Teacher's Day . I was like 'Weh! Alaaaaaaaaaaaa' LOL Didn't expected to see all of the students standing all over the place when we walk in . Haha . We put on our slumber face and just went through the crowd XD TAKE THAT! So yeah , went to Koperasi to meet the Juniors and Teachers . Oh I miss them :3 Then , Irsarani joins us . We chatted like there's no tomorrow because after this , it's going to be a very busy busy busy life for us . Yeap . Way busy to meet up .

Then , I went to Eman's and lepaks there for a while . Watched the K-Drama with her , at 1+ maybe . She said she has to go to the hospital for her leg treatment thing , I guess . So she sent me to Izzati's house :3 I lepaks there and we went to Jusco together . Yeayy! Finally , I've been craving for Johnny's all the time man. I'm so in  love with their Water Chestnut in Syrup . Emmm so delicious :9 Bought stationery set for 'class' Aha .

Overall , I'm satisfied with today . Met a lots of my friend such as Juniors , Munirah , Amal , Farah Husna , Aina , Irsarani , Ira , Tunku , Sri , Izzati and of course Eman <3

At Johnny's and check out the so-excited-that-I can-eat- at-Johnny's Face. LOL XD